Shinbukan Dojo


The Aikido Shinbukan Dojo was founded by Laszlo Bak dojocho in autumn 1998.

According to the basic pillar of aikido, it tries to reach as many people as possible. As the years pass the trainers and assistants ensure the ongoing training in different locations, meanwhile Esztergom functioning as the central dojo, with the building itself being constructed in 2003. Apart from Japan, we are closely working together with foreign dojos in Bulgaria, Croatia, Sweden and Poland. The seminars and programs organized by the dojo gives the possibility of a practising aikido on a professional level. The dojo is a member of Aikikai Hungary which is Officialy Recognized by Aikikai Foundation, Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and member of the IAF the International Aikido Federation.

The dojo has a close relationship with the Aikido Igarashi Dojo and Aikido Shinburenseijuku in Japan, Iyasaka Aikidoklubb in Sweden.


Children's class(4-12 years of age)

Children’s camp

Practice, small children’s class


Aikido is not only focusing on physical training, it puts emphasis on personal development as well. It aims for developing a mentally and physically strong body according to the child’s age. Creating a balanced, but dynamic lifestyle, a positive way of thinking.

Adults class: (from 14 years of age)

Practicing a technique

Demonstration of a technique


Aikido does not aim to develop one certain skill or method, it concentrates on developing mind and body through practising, naturally working towards a healthy personality, eventually achieving a harmonic lifestyle that is balanced and active at the same time.

Seminars, several times a year

Urban Aldenklint shihan, 7th dan

Shirakawa Katsutoshi shihan, 7th dan

We have highly-skilled trainers both form Japan and Europe visiting us several times a year, giving us a chance to deepen our knowledge and understanding of aikido, developing our own techniques and putting another piece of the aikido puzzle in its place.

Aikido Shinbukan Dojo

2500 Esztergom, Bocskoroskúti street 94.
+36 20 916 65 68
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