Aikido Shinbukan Dojo is a member of Aikikai Hungary, that is officially recognised by Aikikai Foundation, the Aikido World Hedquarters in Tokyo, Japan, and member of the IAF the International Aikido Federation. We have a friendly contact with Aikido Igarashi Dojo, Aikido Shinburenseijuku and Iyasaka Aikidklubb.
The Hungarian Aikikai Aikido Culture Association was established in the autumn of 2004. During the more than 15-year history of the organization, it has always strived to promote and develop Hungarian aikido and sports life, and to improve and promote Hungarian-Japanese international sports diplomacy. In accordance with its current capabilities in these fields, the voluntary work of its members has made it the largest Aikido association in Hungary, with more than 30 sports associations and more than 80 educational venues in Hungary. , and international aikido as well as sports alive. He has been the official representative of the Aikikai Foundation (Japan, Tokyo) since 2015, and of the International Aikido Federation (IAF) in Hungary since the autumn of 2016.

Aikido Shinbukan Dojo

2500 Esztergom, Bocskoroskúti street 94.
+36 20 916 65 68
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