Grading System


The grading rules should – by creating clarity, security and conti- nuity in the grading routines – add to stimulating the spread of aikido. Furthermore, they should encourage aikido students, regardless of age, gender or other prerequisites, towards continued development in aikido.

The rules should facilitate the grading routines, on all levels, and gua- rantee the quality before the members the the Hombu dojo. This is of significance to our exterior relations, and to the respect for aikido from other budo as well as from society as a whole.

The grading rules follow the directives of the Hombu dojo and should be observed in good concord with those, and in the spirit of osensei Morihei Ueshiba.

Committee members

  1. The Committee consists of no less than 5 members.
  2. The Committee members must be members of Aikikai dojos.
  3. The Committee members must have Aikikai dan-grades, the majority two of them should hold the grade of 4 dan or higher.
  4. The Committee members must have considerable experience as aikido teachers and as examinators in gradings, also an equal distribution of gen- der among them is to strive for.
  5. The majority of the Committee members should be shidoin or shihan.

To receive an Aikikai kyu grade, the demands are as follows:

  1. Member of an Aikikai dojo.
  2. Fulfilled obligations to home dojo.
  3. Approval from the home dojo
  4. Examiner's approval for the kyu grade.

To receive an Aikikai dan grade, the demands are as follows:

  1. Member of an Aikikai dojo.
  2. Fulfilled obligations to home dojo.
  3. Written application, including recommendation from dojo head or from instructor with a higher grade than the one applied for, presented no later than a month ahead of examination.
  4. Payment of grading fees.
  5. Minimum age limit: 15 years for 1 dan
  6. Minimum time passed since present grade was approved.
  7. Minimum three months passed since a failed test for the same grade.
  8. Examiner's approval for the dan grade.

Aikikai dan examination can do before a hombu shihan, or Aikikai Hungary Grading Comette delegation!

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