Laszlo Bak, 5th dan (Aikikai)

Head of Aikido Shinbukan Dojo (dojocho)

He started training aikido at the beginning of the' 90s under the direction of Kozsuharov Ognjan. During this time apart from aikido for a while he was also practising Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido and Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei Jodo. In 1996 he joined the Association of Hungarian Kobayashi Dojos, which was founded at that time, and continued training with the guidance of Balazs Szabo. At the end of the ' 90s he also learned from Kitayama Toshiyuki who was teaching at the Police College. From 1997 to 2001 he was attending the Budapest Buddhist University (The Gate of Dharma Buddhist College) majoring in aikido. In the spring of 1998 he went to Japan to the Aikido Kobayashi Dojo for the first time, and he spent there three months as an uchideshi (live-in apprentice). Under the inspiration of Kobayashi sensei at the end of this year he started his first children's class in Visegrad, then an adult class in Esztergom in the spring of 1999. He went to Japan to the Kobayashi Dojo for other three months' periods to live and study there in 2000, 2001 and 2002. While in Japan, he regularly visited the morning trainings of Ueshiba Moriteru doshu in Honbu Dojo. In 2003 he built his own dojo in Esztergom, and since then he has been living and teaching here. Recently he was in Japan in 2006, and he spent there one and a half months. He has the official relationship with the instructors of Kobayashi Dojo, and is also on friendly terms with them. He is a certificated aikido instructor.

He intends to transmit, without any distortion, his personal experiences in practising and leading a dojo, how he has learnt it in Kobayashi Dojo in Japan. He considers consequent, regular and strict practising is principal, and is the only way of grasping and presenting aikido.


Sandor Czeh, 4th dan (Aikikai)

He has been regularly taking exercise since he was a child. He was six when he joined the Spartacus Judo Sport Association in Esztergom and he was practising and competing until he was eighteen. Rivalry, peculiar to sports, made him look for other opportunities free of competitions. He found a possibility in the autumn of 1998 and joined to Rakatoarino Jan Hubel Michael's aikido club in Esztergom together with Balazs Magyar. Soon he got acquainted with Balazs Szabo and then his disciple Laszlo Bak. He joined the Aikido Shinbukan Dojo with the leadership of László Bak as a founder member. In the spring of 2005 he passed his exam successfully for 1st dan before Masuda Manabu sensei. He has been an assistant instructor since March 2006. In 2010 he went to Japan to the Aikido Kobayashi Dojo and spent there two months as an uchideshi (live-in apprentice). Currently living in Japan and practicing in Kobayashi dojo.

From the aspect of aikido he believes commitment, respectful and intensive practising and openness towards others are essential.


Balazs Magyar, 4th dan (Aikikai)

He started practising aikido in the autumn of 1998 in Rakatoarino Jan Hubel Michael's newly formed group in Esztergom. After a few months, as the group fell dead, he joined the Aikido Shinbukan Dojo being established at that time by Balazs Szabo and Laszlo Bak and he was one of the founder members. He has been an instructor of the dojo since January 2007.

He is a certificated aikido instructor.

Following his instructor, he regards simple, pure and effective movements and daily, friendly disposed practice must be accomplished.


Zoltán Matolcsi 3rd dan (Aikikai)

Since his childhood he practiced a lot of sports (football, kick-box, athletics, gymnastics), he got involved in Aikido in 2002, eventually becoming an assistant in the dojo in 2011.

He achieved his diploma in the field of history and IT teacher and librarian.

He believes that regular and and persistant, but also fun practicing of Aikido is the way to develop. According to him Aikido is a great way to self-improvement with its immense philosophical background, that is quite in need these days. Continuous practicing teaches a healthy lifestyle, an altogether happy way of thinking, responsibility, and a humble approach to life. He is charge of the classes in Tát, Nyergesújfalu and Csolnok.

Gabriella Vilner 1st dan (Aikikai)

She discovered Aikido in the autumn of 2003 in Esztergom, since then apart from giving birth to her children, she is practicising continuously.

She graduated as a PE teacher, works as an assistant in the dojo, being in charge of the kids practices in Budajenő.



József Biener

He practiced judo for 8 years in the Spartacus Judo Association in Esztergom and the Margitsziget Athletics Centre in Budapest.

He joined László Bak in April 2006, and helps with the classes in Dorog since 2012.

He believes that fun and regular practising is the most important thing in Aikido.

Alexa Somogyi

She started practising in 2006 in Esytergom, then as the classes started in Dorog she continued developing there.
Apart from Aikido she enjoys hiking and competing in fishing, winning herself a 3. place in a county competition.

She is in high school and helps in the kids classes in Dorog since 2013.

Aikido Shinbukan Dojo

2500 Esztergom, Bocskoroskúti street 94.
+36 20 916 65 68
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